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As coach I see myself as the stagecoach driver.

The stagecoach driver ensures the best use of the horses' power and the arrival at the given destination as a team (in the sense of the inner team).


Your Advantage

  • My many years of experience in diverse roles and enterprises
  • My recognized education
  • Possibilities to be used in project accompaniment, when changes occur within a team, as support to managers in difficult general framework conditions



During coaching, we offer support in the shaping of roles, personal ability analysis and the development of visions and goals. Thereby we facilitate the orientation within the organisation and the further development with regards to the person, role and career planning.

We construct the coaching process in such a way that it is goal and solution oriented. With our support, actions in company environments are being analysed and effective alternatives created.


As a neutral discussion and interaction partner, the coach opens, facilitates and accompanies the process of the individual further development of his clients with the goal of achieving the best results.