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An empirical analysis of the need for coaching in the IT-field


Gabriele Koderhold

Master paper

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Success Stories


Mediation success story:

The problem: Ms X and Ms Y are equally responsible for a particular area of responsibility that they have built and shaped together. An unresolved conflict has led to them avoiding each other. This goes so far that they avoid meeting at work altogether. Nevertheless, both wish to continue with their assignments. The solution: After an initial non-binding and free discussion with both of them, I held 3 meetings of two hours each. In the mediation sessions we analysed the misunderstandings and tried to create a new basis for their mutual trust. Already during the third meeting, the two colleagues started to enjoy communicating directly with each other. They felt that the conflict was resolved and could imagine a successful cooperation in the future.

Organizational analysis success story:

A company asked me to undertake an analysis of their operational organisation. After an initial discussion with the management, I produced a proposal with a detailed implementation plan. It included the conception of a questionnaire and its evaluation, interviews with the management and representatives of the workforce and their evaluation as well as two workshops. In the first workshop, based on the evaluations of the questionnaires and interviews, perspectives of the main topics such as communication, competences, company culture and values, structure, goals and strategies were summarized and priorities set: What changes are immediately necessary, which can be implemented in the mid and long terms? In the second workshop, the results of the survey and the first workshop were summarized and concrete implementation steps worked out. The comprehensive final report was presented to the management and representatives of the workforce. It included the results and proposals for changes with guidelines for activity and time plans as well as the appropriate responsibilities.

Implementation of standardized Treasury Software success story:

An integrated Treasury System, Front-to-Back for all Treasury products was implemented after only seven months following the signing of the contract. This meant that capacity and functionality could be increased and that even complex structures could be mapped according to risk relevance. The speedy and successful implementation was possible due to:

  • Professional project management
  • Experienced and very adept participants in the relevant positions
  • Standardized Software
  • Commitment and solution orientation of the team