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"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler", Albert Einstein.


At a time when business becomes increasingly more complex and non-transparent, clear and simple methods often achieve the best results.


Enthusiasm, a sense of humour, motivation and commitment shape the work with our clients. These personal characteristics are combined with a structured method of working, flexibility and creativity.

Through continuous education and professional experience in varied positions, environments and enterprises, a profound know-how in core competences has been achieved:

• project management and support

• business mediation

• organizational development

• Coaching

Less is More. This old proverb is more important in our complex business lives than ever before.

Before one begins to find individual, practical and lasting solutions by employing "simple" methods, the core question of the problem must be recognised. That is indeed how to get a More from a Less.

A broad range of offers is at your disposal through a network of competent partnerships.

We are looking forward to finding answers to your questions too. Just contact us, please!