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Successful mediation is achieved when an agreement is reached which contributes to the avoidance or reduction of future conflicts.


Your Advantage

  • My experience as conflict manager with recognized education
  • Reduction of hidden costs created by conflicts
  • Reduction of workload for managers

Business Mediation


As mediator, we mainly deal with conflicts in the job specific environments.

As an external mediator, we guarantee neutrality and impartiality.

We identify the contentious issues, steer the reconciliation process and pay attention to the adherence of fairness. As mediator, we support the communication and cooperation abilities of the parties in conflict so that they are able to find lasting solutions autonomously.

An active business life without conflict is unimaginable. Mediation prevents the escalation, spreading and the negative consequences of existing conflicts.


Example – Mediation in a Team:

Two executives work very closely together in their field. However, communication is so disrupted, that they avoid meeting each other at work. After a free initial discussion, I carried out three meetings of two hours each. In the mediation sessions, misunderstandings could be cleared up and trust could be rebuilt. Already during the third meeting, the concerned parties communicated with each other and could imagine successful future cooperation.


It is a goal oriented, problem solving process through which an agreement is negotiated. This contributes to the avoidance or reduction of future conflicts.