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development means the following to me:

To expand, change and develop organisations through staff involvement


Your Advantage

  • My experience in different roles and enterprises over many years
  • Solutions that save resources
  • My input from an external view point

Organizational Development


The employed methods of organizational development depend on the relative topics and particular requirements. We bring in know-how from project management, pay attention to goal setting and goal achievement, plan the implementation of the process, design concepts and analyses and carry out workshops.

By enabling and bringing together all participants, we support the expansion, change and development of enterprises.


Example – Organizational analysis:

After an initial discussion with the management, we made a proposal with a detailed implementation plan. The proposal included conception of a questionnaire, evaluation of questionnaires, interviews with management and representatives of the workforce, analysis of the interviews and presentation of the results in a workshop, two workshops with regard to the results and compiling and presentation of the final report.


The realization of company visions, goals and strategies causes changes in organization, culture and attitudes of managers and employees.